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Victory at the Grand Prix de Fourmies


After working yesterday to set up the sprint for Tom Boonen, today I was captain again and after a long and confusing sprint won the Grand Prix de Fourmies.


Setting up the sprint today

Today at the Brussels Classics I changed over to setting up the sprint, after we decided as a team to ride for Tom. Fortunately we also won – so we did everything right. [more]

A flat rear tire stopped me in Hamburg

For the third time this year, I had a flat tire shortly before the finish of an important race. Today it hit me in Hamburg about 1000 meter before the finish line. Hamburg, of all places! [more]

Mixed feelings with stage win and a bruised behind

I have never before had a pedal break. But I had my premiere with this, of course on the Champs Elysees, which I would gladly have done without. I was lucky not to crash. [more]

Showdown in Paris

The thought of the Champs-Élysées has carried me through the Alps the last few days. Well, not really. It was pretty hard. [more]

Paris is not so far

After a relaxed rest day in the wonderful city of Berne and a great hotel, I got through things well yesterday. Of course roads like that are the natural enemy of sprinters, but I got along well. [more]

Fifth on a windy day

After this windy and stormy day today it was unfortunately only enough for fifth place, although I think that more than top five would have been possible. [more]

Relaxation and hectic

Pure relaxation, flying blind in the mountains and hectic in the echelons. That is the quick description of the my last three days. [more]

Extremely fast sprint finish

68 km/h in the last kilometer, 75 km/h in the sprint. The finale today was once again extreme. Very hectic, lots of curves, and an enormously high speed. [more]

I got through it well

Today’s stage may only have had the difficulty rating of 2, but it also featured 3800 meters of climbing. [more]

Finally another win at the Tour

Bam! That is the win. I am proud to come back like this at the Tour after my messed-up season last year. [more]

In the green jersey for the second stage

Today I went into the second Tour stage wearing the green jersey. I wore it as representative for Cav, who after his win yesterday of course was in yellow. [more]

I had to ride the sprint the way I did

Of course I am disappointed that I didn’t win today. But I had to ride the sprint the way I did. I was already in the wind at the 300 meter marker, otherwise the others would have boxed me in. [more]

The Tour is finally starting

After a year’s abstinence, I will tomorrow again be at the start of the greatest race in the world. The Tour is finally starting! [more]

Only third in the Germans

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for a win today in the German championships. I wanted more and had more in my legs. My form is really good. [more]

Leaving the Giro

With an eye to the long season still to come, together with the team I have decided to leave the Giro. After the difficult past year, I started this season early to work on my comeback. [more]

One day in pink

Pleasure and struggle. That is how I could describe my day in pink. It was a hard race with a high tempo and very active from the start on. In the end, the profile proved to be harder than I thought. [more]

Second win and the pink jersey

Done. Second stage win and the pink jersey at the Giro. I am happy and proud of us. The team gave everything today, to make this win possible. Thanks to the guys who tore themselves apart for me. [more]

Winning the Giro second stage

Bam! What a win. What a team. Many thanks to the guys. We showed a lot of morale in the finale and didn’t let ourselves get confused when it suddenly got very tight. [more]

Fifth in Giro prologue

Good legs, great mood and my girlfriend and her family along the course. Today it could really only go well for me. Frankly, I had not expected a fifth place in the prologue. [more]

Winning the first stage in Romandie

Fortunately the organizers shortened the first stage of the Tour de Romandie yesterday. Right after I signed in for the stage a load of snow fell from the roof. There weather here is really extreme. [more]

Giro preparation at Romandie

After a few days of rest and training in Spain I am now in Switzerland. Tomorrow is the start of the Tour de Romandie, which I will use as preparation for the Giro. [more]

Winning the Scheldeprijs for the fourth time

For the fourth time I have won the Scheldeprijs. No other rider has ever done that before. [more]

Looking forward to the German Championships

I will be present today when the course for the German Championships in Erfurt is presented and I am really happy that they are taking place in my hometown. [more]

50 meters too early in the wind

After a nearly perfect lead out from my team today, only some 50 meters were missing for the win. Unfortunately I had to go very early into the wind, which came slanting from the front. [more]

Finally warmer again

Brrrr! Was that cold. Today was the first day on which I didn’t feel like a piece of frozen meat. The weather conditions were really crazy and I had problems with that. [more]

Sprint jersey and two stage wins

I am satisfied with the Volta ao Algarve, as you can imagine. Plus I also had the yellow jersey on my shoulders. [more]

A finale like in an action film

Second win here in Algarve. I am of course super satisfied. The stage course was good for me. [more]

Win and yellow in Algarve

I am really proud of this win, because it was not the classic Marcel Kittel-finale, but instead it had a short climb just before the finish, which really hurt. [more]

A dream season start

So, after my return to Germany, here are a few more thoughts about Dubai. It was the kind of season start that you would dream of. And with a new team, to boot. [more]

Small mistakes in the finale

Even though the second win didn’t work out today, we put in a great team performance. The guys did some super work. Many thanks to all of them. [more]

I missed that

First race, first victory. I am totally happy. The Etixx-QuickStep Cycling Team was super. The train worked out. Great that it worked out with the guys directly the first time. [more]

A new chapter

After leaving Giant-Alpecin, I don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer: I have found a new team, which has put its trust in me and wants to support me in my goals. [more]

The way is clear

After a season of illness, especially the virus direct at the start and the missed races such as the Tour de France, I have a year behind me which from a sporting aspect I can only consider a major setback. [more]

A good sleep is important

Today I want to give another look behind the scenes in the life of a professional athlete. Just as important as hard training is the right recovery and especially sleeping well. [more]

Hope for a positive season end

There is a small change of plans for my next races. Unfortunately two days ago I could not participate in the Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen nor today at the GP Impanis-van Petegem. [more]

Finally Hamburg again

Finally another big race with German fans. I want to build on my performance at the Cyclassics from last year and of course do it better. A sixth place leaves room for improvement. [more]

4000 meters of climbing

Today was another of those days on which the sprinters had to suffer as much as the GC riders. 4000 meters of climbing is really hard for riders like me. [more]

Lost yellow, but kept the sprint jersey

I lost the yellow today, but I still have the sprint jersey. And I will do everything to wear in until Krakow. [more]

Timing wasn’t right

Even my very own 55 chainring wasn’t enough to help me sprint to the win in this 80 km/h uphill sprint. I would have had to be going 100 km/h in order to make up the missing meters. [more]

Tour of Poland: First win in months

This win felt so good. After the difficult last few months, I am happy and proud that I could do it again today. I never gave up, always believed on myself and today I could rejoice again. [more]

Tour of Poland: Finally racing again

I have reached my first goal. After the Tour de France was dead for me, I turned my total concentration on getting fit as quickly as possible so that I could be at the start of another race. [more]

3, 2, 1 – That was that! It’s all over now.

Today we will announce the lucky ones who can soon call one of the 102 jerseys signed by John Degenkolb and me their own. [more]

102 Jerseys from the 102nd Tour for charity

So that many German cyclists can take part in the Tour de France in the future, we want to support the younger cycling generation with a charity auction. [more]

The dream is over

There won’t be any pictures like this of me this year. My team has not nominated me for the Tour de France. [more]

On a good way towards the Tour de France

In light of all the problems in the first half of the season, I am almost a little proud of the way I finished the ZLM Tour. [more]

Feeling the effects of the mountain training

Unfortunately I didn’t get the hoped-for top result in Rund um Köln today. But still, I won the sprint of the peloton for sixth place. [more]

A good personal result

My return almost ended today with a crash. Three kilometers before the finish there was a huge crash. Fortunately I fell over the guy in front of me very lightly, after fully braking and blowing out my tire. [more]

The tendency is good

I kind of ran out of breath in the last kilometer, but I am totally satisfied with my first race after a long pause. [more]

More training before returning to racing

I won’t start in the Tour of California as planned. After I noticed at the Tour de Yorkshire that after my long racing pause I still wasn’t far enough along to be competitive, [more]


I can finally be underway again with my team and the guys. After sitting out so long because of the virus, I am really happy to ride my first race since Qatar here in Yorkshire. [more]

Unfortunately I had to cancel Tirreno-Adriatico.

Right now I am not in shape to ride a race. I am still suffering the aftereffects of a virus that I picked up after the Tour Down Under. [more]

From the desert to the cold


After the Tour of Qatar I spent some quiet days at home in Erfurt and put in some long training sessions. It is the first time in a long time that I have worked on my basic conditioning. [more]

Sand in the gears

After I have been fighting a cold since the end of the Tour Down Under, nothing has really been going right here at the Tour of Qatar. You might say I have sand in the gears and must just look from day to day. [more]

Team presentation in Berlin

It’s hard to do, but I am trying to keep myself awake. In a few hours we will fly to Australia, and I want to sleep on the plane, so that I can get used to the time difference. [more]

Athlete of the year in Thüringen and eighth in Germany

Athlete of the year 2014 in Thüringen! Thank you to everyone who voted me to this honour again, like last year. [more]

Fundraising campaign

Everything has to go! Cabinets, boxes, suitcases. I have looked through all of them for cycling clothing which I no longer need. All in all, it is 100 pieces – jerseys, jackets and time trial suits. [more]

"Nieuwe Helden" in Erfurt theater

Yesterday, together with "my" fans in Thüringen and the fans of John Degenkolb and Tony Martin, I watched the file "Nieuwe Helden" in a theater. [more]

Anti-doping law

At the invitation of German Justice Minister Heiko Maas, I was in Berlin this week and was one of the first to sign a draft of the anti-doping law. [more]

Goldene Henne - Arriver of the Year 2014

There it is, the "Henne" (hen). Thank you very much for your support and the many votes. [more]

Fourth win in England

The Island is just a good place for me. Yesterday’s stage win at the Tour of Britain in London was already the fourth for me there this year. [more]

Not yet in race mode

As I already said, I am not yet totally in race mode. My body just needs a bit more. That is why I was unable to defend the yellow jersey (photo) yesterday. [more]

Finally another win

Wow! Finally another win. The last one was a month and a half ago, when I won on the Champs Élysées. I was starting to get withdrawal ;-) [more]

Tour of Britain

I had a fairly stressful day caused by a railroad strike, which meant I had to abruptly change my plans and take my car to the airport. [more]

Cyclassics: Disappointed with 6th place

Nice day, nice race - but with the result I am not satisfied. To be honest, I am still really disappointed. [more]

A determination of my shape

I am really looking forward to the Vattenfall Cyclassics in Hamburg tomorrow. It will not be a emotional highlight only, but also a determination of my shape. [more]

A good start again after the Tour

The Arctic Race of Norway was a good start again for me after the Tour. A sprint win didn’t happen, but it was also not an easy race. [more]

Kristoff’s Revenge for Paris

After I won the last meeting with Kristoff on the Champs-Élysées (photo), today’s battle went definitely to him. I must recognize that without envy. [more]

End of the race break - Arctic Race of Norway

Pretty unusual, how I was introduced here at the Arctic Race of Norway: as a teutonic titan. [more]

What a super Tour!

Four stage wins, the yellow jersey, the green jersey and winning both the first and last stages – what a super Tour! [more]

Warming up for Paris

The thunder and lightning during the stage were really spooky. It was a very dangerous stage because of the incredible amount of rain and the winding roads. [more]

Bad timing

Well, the timing with my sprint preparer Tom Veelers didn’t work out all today – he came to the finish before me! He was next-to-last and I was the last one on the stage. ;-) Oh well someone has to be last. [more]

Going into the last week

Six days to go and still two chances for winning a sprint. But it will really be a hard last Tour week. The Pyrenees are waiting for us, and it all starts today. [more]

The plan is

If everything goes according to plan, then there should be another sprint again today. The stage is relatively flat, but the wind may be a problem. [more]

I have to save my strength

I am tired and when I think of the mountains tomorrow, I am even more tired. So there will only be a short update today, I have to save my strength ;-) [more]

Up and down

Today was all up and down. It was like a roller coaster but we still managed to put in a pace of 50 in the first hour of racing. This day really hurt! I am all in now. [more]

I like your hair!

"I like your hair!" I heard that a lot today in the finale. Despite the rain, there were a lot of people there, presenting us with a really great spectacle. [more]

A "wurst" from my hometown as compensation

The lost chance for a further stage win at the Tour is bitter, but I was simply not fresh enough in the finale. We controlled the race the entire time, but made a few mistakes when Omega took over in the finale. [more]

Not your usual race

We had big plans today, but things worked out other than planned. The crashes started even before the cobblestone passages. Dege and I were involved. [more]

Third win

I think I must be crazy. Third stage win at the Tour de France. That is absolutely crazy. But I must say, that today was the most difficult of the three sprints. [more]

A perfect sprint

If I had messed up this sprint today, my teammates would probably have skinned me alive. That was a perfect sprint. Super wide road, slightly descending run-into the finish, mega-fast, a perfect lead-out. [more]

A nice day in yellow

Unfortunately I must separate from my new bike, it was only a short affair. A wonderful day in yellow is coming to an end. Actually, it is just like last year. [more]

The most emotional win of my career

That was the most emotional win of my career. I cannot describe, how the team sacrificed itself for me and threw itself into the race. Sure, I knew this feeling. [more]

What a presentation

What a presentation. It is fantastic, the way we have we have been welcomed here on the island. The mood was sensational, with thousands of enthusiastic people. [more]

Cramps a good omen for the Tour?

As in the past championships, it once again did not work out with a good placing. Like last year, cramps stopped me. I don’t know why it happened. [more]

Messed up the finale, but defended the jersey

I won this stage last year, but today it didn’t go optimally. We had communication problems and never really got together. [more]

Win at the ZLM Tour

I am happy, proud and, frankly, relieved to have won today. I am happy that I could directly return so successfully to racing after the altitude training. [more]

Taken out by a cold

Unfortunately I had to watch today's stage from my hotel bed. I caught a cold on the rainy stages in Ireland, have a fever and am very sorry that I already have to pack my suitcase without having ridden in Italy. [more]

I am very proud of this victory

What a day. It is my birthday and there was this crazy sprint final. I am so glad that I did not give up today and took the stage win out of this worthless position. [more]

First stage win at the Giro!

Awesome. It worked. A stage win at the Giro. I'm so delighted that the pressure is all gone at the beginning of the Giro already. [more]

I want a stage win at the Giro

As from today I have the chance, to become one of those great riders, who have won a stage at all three Grand Tours. [more]

A great time trial

When you have good legs, you can have a lot of fun. And so the prologue today was really a lot of fun. These short time trials suit me. [more]

Third win in Scheldeprijs

I am so happy with this victory. After de Panne I was pretty upset, because I had good legs but was missing that necessary bit of luck. [more]

Sixth place in time trial as a good finish

The hoped-for sprint win unfortunately didn't work out. This morning a mistake took away all my chances. But my sixth place in the time trial showed that I am doing well now. [more]

Felt good but too far back when Sagan attacked

I felt really good today, but when Sagan attacked on the Eikemolen about 10 km before the finish, I was too far back and not close enough to possibly go with the attack. [more]

That's the sprinter's life

The time trial went just fine. But of course it didn't really matter for me. It was more like, put in a few kilometers and enjoy the sun. [more]

The steepest mountain of my life

I have never before ridden up as steep a mountain as the one today. Not in training, not in competition – never. Actually I wanted to throw away my full bidon but I didn't trust myself to let go of the handlebars. [more]

Red roses for my bike

Today I played the cavalier to my bike. After the little difference of opinion yesterday between my and my beloved bike, I tried today to bring our relationship back in order. [more]

Broken handlebars

Unfortunately I couldn't take part in the sprint today. About two and a half kilometers before the finish my handlebars broke and I crashed. Fortunately I wasn't injured. [more]

I am looking forward to the stage tomorrow

We had intended to do more, but our low placement today didn't really upset the mood in the team, so we still have good morale to take on tomorrow's stage. [more]


After the rain-and-snow battle last year, it looks like this will be a friendlier edition of Tirreno-Adriatico. The weather here is good, although it was actually a little warmer at home in Erfurt when I left there. [more]
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